Brushing your Teeth with Charcoal Works

Charcoal toothpaste. The idea of this might seem crazy, but it’s actually the newest trend that many have considered trying out. For many people, getting a natural white to your teeth can be quite hard, but, if you’re able to use activated charcoal, it can do you a whole lot of good.

But, why would you use this? It makes your teeth look dark when you brush with it. How does that even work in terms of making it whiter? It’s something that is completely new, and even celebrities are swearing by this, and many people are trying it out. But what is it? How effective is it? Well, you’re about to find out.

Now, you’re not taking a piece of charcoal and throwing it straight onto your teeth. No, this is activated charcoal. This is a bit different from just your average piece of charcoal. This is charcoal that’s been treated with heat and a gas. That means that it has been heated up. Now, you don’t just directly put this on either, but instead, you take the activated charcoal, and mix it with water. This in turn will create a substance that is pasty. But, it’s not just used as a form of a toothpaste. Some like to use it in the form of tablets, and some even like to use gels as well. All of this has been invading the market, and while some do sear by it, in terms of the actual following of the regulations, it does not have that yet.

Currently, this is considered a natural substance by the FDA, so it’s not under the same regulations in comparison to other toothpaste. That means, that it doesn’t often contain the integral parts that are in almost every single toothpaste out there.

One of the big culprits that isn’t present in a lot of these, and in many cases, is fluoride. Fluoride is very important to the overall health of the teeth, because this is how you remineralize the teeth, but also can be used to protect the enamel, and prevent cavities, so it definitely can cause a lot of problems. In any case, if you do try to use this, it’s important to make sure you’re not brushing every time with it, but in fact, make sure that you alternate the two of them so that you’re not breaking down the enamel.

Another big part of it, is the fact that using the toothpaste alone can cause the opposite effects, such as more cavities, and decaying teeth, so if your teeth aren’t at the epitome of their health, it might be best if you do shy away from trying to use this, since there is the chance that it could end up completely ruining your teeth.

But, there are results from this that you can get. Some have seen a major difference in the overall health of their teeth and the way that they look. Some have also seen that they’ve gotten whiter as well, which is often a great thing in many cases. But, it’s not something you should be brushing with, lest you already have healthy teeth, since often, this can wear down teeth that are already struggling, and it’s definitely something to watch out for.

Plus, if you’re doing this because a celebrity is, keep in mind that they’re also using whitening treatments along with this, so they’re kind of just making their teeth whiter. It’s something that you can use if you want to make them whiter, but it often doesn’t really make much of a difference unless you’re paring the two together. Really the best way to ensure that you’re getting the whitest, and the healthiest teeth possible, is to go see your DentISt RAPid CiTY, and get the assistance that you need there. They have professional services that do also work with natural treatments as well, so if you’re considering trying to whiten your teeth, and if you want to drastically change the overall oral health that you have, this is the way to go, and this is something that you can do to help with your oral health and wellness as well too.